Iron Range was officially created in 2019, but existed as an idea awaiting opportunity long before then. Drawing upon decades of food service experience, we at Iron Range set out to create something unique in our industry. Too often, restaurant and bar owners have had to compromise on the needs of their kitchen. Price has always been a consideration, but in this sensitive area, service and parts have suffered.

At Iron Range, we believe that you deserve to have a low cost, quality product with a service network and parts supplier that you can rely on. Our equipment comes with what you need without having to add expensive accessories at time of purchase. Casters, extra racks, and conversion kits are included with our equipment because they should be. Our product is Iron Forged and just as strong. However, even the best of products require maintenance and that is why we have partnered with the National Service Cooperative and Hagar Parts so you can buy with confidence. No matter where you cook, our parts and service team will be there for you within 48 hours.

We have partnered with AAT Sales in Chicago as our Master Distributor for the United States. Our newest team addition is Pioneer Sales in Boston, who will be stocking and distributing for the New England area. These two locations guarantee fast delivery nationwide. Equipment is stocked and ready to immediately ship. You can also find us on Auto Quotes.